Market Samurai Review! Plan Your Results And Work The Plan!

Hey there, Steven, here and you’re reading through my uncensored Market Samurai review: what I really think about the program after utilizing it for 12 months. Now, I’m going to share hot tips here about getting real results with the program and so if you’re searching for the product’s official website Click Here! I’m penning this Market Samurai review because initially when I first started using this program I could not find any real, insider strategies for multiplying my chances for success. I’ve been now using this tool for a year and I figured, I’d provide you with a nice little Market Samurai tutorial (below), to ensure that you start off by using it the proper way after buying. Market Samurai Review! Plan Your Results And Work The Plan!

Now allow me to warn you at first in this Market Samurai Review, that you’ll also hear things that differ from the way they are teaching within the lessons but those little things I am about to share with you could make the big difference. This isn’t for everyone, though as it may be a little complicated! And also you know, many people don’t understand this right and for that reason they fail while using the tool and they might even start calling it Market Samurai scam, which is ludicrous. Anyway, we are going to learn how to use the tool the best way, but please take time to take notes and get this right!

WARNING! Watch the video below as well but that isn’t enough still, so start reading through this, first, then watch the video then continue reading through this Market Samurai Review under the video to make sure you maximize this blog publish.

Market Samurai Review – Plan Your Results Realistically!

Market Samurai Review! Plan Your Results And Work The Plan!

Market Samurai Review

This is exactly what I call the Scientific Market and Keyword Research. Whenever, I use Market Samurai, I don’t only use the tool the way they teach in those tutorials, in fact I always break their Golden Rules and get results. Market Samurai Review! Plan Your Results And Work The Plan! You want to know how much work you are willing to do and for what results (leads, sales, specific results). I know upfront that I am working a week and add one extra lead to my daily lead flow, I also know when I am working on a content that is designed to produce some recurring sales that how many visitors I am about to get per day and how many I need in order to make a sale. How do you do this, right? Let’s carry on with this Market Samurai Review to see how!

Clearly, you need to know your conversions: visitors to lead conversions or visitors to customers conversions. Allow me to just share with you a quick calculation here as one example, so that you can get the max out of this Market Samurai Review and start leveraging the tool exactly the same way, without wasting your valuable time on creating content for REAL slow results. The average conversion for visitors to leads is 1% (this is actually low) and the same goes to traffic (visitors) to sales too. From 100 people one of them will buy (it’s good to know this, isn’t it). Market Samurai Review! Plan Your Results And Work The Plan!

The Miracle Question is the following the number of clicks do I need to get daily, to be able to generate one lead? Then: the number of days per week I can work on targeting a keyword? How much work do I want to put in as well as for what results? Let’s check out an EXAMPLE (it is not guaranteed you will get the final results mentioned below, it depends on your understanding).

If your conversion is 1%, and also you target one search term each day, and you want to generate 1 lead in the future for working on it 6 days, you need to target keywords that are going to deliver around 17 EXACT clicks per day. By doing this, every day, 6 days per week, you target 1 keyword using Market Samurai which will get you 17 EXACT clicks depending on the spot you rank. This way, you’ll have developed 102 website visitors to your internet pages in a week, and considering 1% conversion rate you’ll ideally get 1 lead, from these 6 contents. Work for 13 weeks to get to the 13 leads each day level. (Once your entire contents rank and remain there on the front page of Google, you’ll get 1326 visitors to your internet pages). Isn’t this amazing, plan work and work your plan? You are able to calculate the same way, once you know your visitors to sales conversions.

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Note: you’ll never rank 100% of that time, period, you have to determine the strength of your competition on your own and your result will also depend on your tool set. Keep that in mind. Carry on reading this “Market Samurai Review” to see how can you get his figures using the tool. Within the keyword research module, you need to set your searches to EXACT and that is the daily searches of that particular search term, and it will figure out how many clicks you are likely to get according to your ranking position (the picture below will show you how many percentage of the daily traffic you can get in which spot). Now watch the video below and please note that when I start searching for a potential keyword phrase in the video you must set the “MATCH TYPE” from “BROAD” to “EXACT” and then you search.

Market Samurai Review! Plan Your Results And Work The Plan!

Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai Review – Video Tutorial Teaches You How to Break the Golden Rules and Still Get Results (Ninja Techniques)

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“Market Samurai is much like Going with a Gun with a Knife Fight!

Just got #1 YouTube rankings for 3 groups of keywords from Market Samurai, after uploading the videos under one hour ago!

- Andrew “Nez” – Market Samurai Review

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Hi Guys, I simply were required to email you – The Market Samurai is fantastic!

This is the most amazing software I have seen since I began Internet marketing 4 years ago!

Everyone are brilliant, I can’t thank you enough Market Samurai Review! Plan Your Results And Work The Plan!

- Michelle Frost – Market Samurai Review

Tasmania, Australia

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